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Thank You Cabin Pressure
A fan project requiring the help of all Cabin Pressure fans from around the world! See the side pages for more information. Deadline for submissions has passed.

Bing bong.

There has been more news from the Euro Airdot Con in Milan!

Audible gasp*! A two-parter??

Well, chaps - this is Christmas, indeed. Mark those wall charts!

- goflysomeplane

* = reference to latest John and Kevin’s Sunday Papers, which is excellent if you’re in need of more Finnemore fun.

Bing bong.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got an air date!

According to the Euro Airdot Con Twitter account (which, if you’re lucky enough to be attending the con this weekend, I’m envious!), John has just announced that the final episode of Cabin Pressure (“Zurich” for those who weren’t aware) will be airing on Christmas Eve!

So make sure to mark those wall charts, and let the count down begin! (And maybe start planning out a listening party with sushi?*)

- goflysomeplane

*mild attempt at making a Molokai reference.

If you haven’t had enough happy feelings today after hearing from Mr. Finnemore himself, the National Literacy Trust sent me this email:

I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you so much for choosing to fundraise for the National Literacy Trust. You’ve raised an absolutely fantastic amount, and I cannot tell you how much this is appreciated by us. If you would like any more information about the charity, or be involved further with our work please let me know.

 Well done, fandot! :)

- goflysomeplane

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Just wanted to quickly pop in a note to thank you all for the lovely comments re: the project & its handover. It still seems a bit surreal that it happened. It was an insane privilege to be there, and one I certainly do not take for granted.

I’ve checked the fundraising page recently and seen that the activity has somewhat slowed down (which is fine - deadline’s passed anyway, though the page is still alive and kickin’). But you can all pat yourselves on the back, because the National Literacy Trust is getting a total of  £2,382.02 (£2,265.27 + £116.75 in Gift Aid) in honor of the Cabin Pressure cast and crew. Well done!

… and that concludes the project! Thanks again to everyone who participated in either (or both!) submitting material for the video or fundraising - the project wouldn’t have shaped out how it did without you all!

Once there’s word about when the final episode airs, we’ll post something about it. But until then - continue having fun relistening to episodes, playing the Traveling Lemon & the Game with Words of One Sound (and others), eating Toblerone and dragonfruit and drinking Talisker (if you can afford the latter), and creating things that celebrate our beloved airdot.





This is our way to show our appreciation to the brilliant BBC Radio 4 series “Cabin Pressure”, to the entire cast and crew, and of course, the ‘real’ captain of this ship, Mr. John Finnemore. 

We have used the “Thank you, Captain Dinosaur” tune from the radio series “John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme” (Series 2 episode 6), and the lyrics were written and performed by Brynhild and Madi.

We’d also like to congratulate the entire team from the thankyoucabinpressure project for their wonderful initiative and for their fundraising campaign. Brilliant work!

This was fun! :D

A very lovely song tribute to Cabin Pressure!

And here are the cards and the DVDs! The map cards have key quotes from each character. The red dots on the cards are - can you guess it? - the cities that have episodes named after them.

The inside cover art was designed by the lovely Cumberbum. (The user, not Benedict’s rear end. Okay. Stopping this before I dig myself a hole in the ground to lie in… <_<)

Forgot to include pictures of what went INSIDE the bags (and their closeups). Here they are! :) (Don’t worry - Roger did get a DVD too. Just forgot to put it in the photo!)

The figurines are made by the very talented Pei. You can find her Tumblr here.